post ur dicks

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self diagnose to get yourself out of a jam. self diagnose to justify your actions. self diagnose to mitigate fault. everybody self diagnose. uh…I don’t normally do things like this and i hate that i have to but…uh..I’m interested in telling you a convoluted story about why i need you to give me money. I’ll use a conversational tone and make it clear that this is something I feel really uncomfortable about but I’ll create a donate button and ask you to reblog the post so I can tap in to the community vibe of this website and hopefully get some money from you or others who sympathize with my story. Each reblog will act as an assurance from other members of the website that my needs are most definitely legitimate and I will most likely invoke an oppressive force (cops, landlords, shitty boss etc.) to make you feel like your contribution will help another person not dissimilar from yourself get through a difficult time. I mean, that’s what we’d hope people would do for us, right? It’s not like someone would make such a believable appeal simply to get some free cash by playing to your sympathies and desire to feel like you’re doing something, anything to help people out in your community, right? No one would be that calculating, right? not on tumblr that’s for sure. I mean, sure there’s been a tangible uptick in the amount of appeals doing the rounds but that’s just because there are so many people who could do with a helping hand. We could all do with a helping hand. So all I’m saying is, I could really use some money for some surgery and rent and gas money and to fix my car and to replace my laptop and to get a bus ticket to see my favorite band and to get to comicon and to travel interstate and to fight my cyberbully and to get some shoes and to get to the folk festival. So please, dig deep and give me a helping hand. There’s a donate button on my blog. I’d do the same for you if I could. Please reblog, I could use the signal boost.


maybe the real Death Grips was the friends you made along the way

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so much gosh darn pan handling on this website.